Get Digital Marketing Savvy with Jack Jostes

Amazon Best Selling Author, Jack Jostes, will help you upgrade your business’ online presence with savvy digital marketing skills and get you motivated to up your game in this digital era.

Fall Course: November 2019 – January 2020

Course price: $250 (Early Bird)/$325 per person

Limited to 30 people 

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Course Sneak Peek

How to Lay the Foundation for Growth with Strong Branding

To Establish the Foundational Three: Branding, Website and SEO.

In this course, you’ll learn how to avoid costly marketing mistakes by starting first with a strong foundation. Jack will share his proven process for prioritizing the best steps for your online marketing, detailed outlines and worksheets.


Class 1: The foundation of Digital Marketing and Branding (Web Class)

Using digital marketing to grow your business is a lot like building a house. As with any structure, you must have a strong foundation before you can go on to tasks like painting walls or choosing kitchen appliances. Learn how to build a strong foundation of Branding before you build the rest of your marketing.

Worksheet + Training Videos:

  1. The Top 5 Branding Questions You MUST Answer Before You Create Marketing Materials
  2. Three Fundamental Photos Green Industry Business Need To Thrive Online


Class 2: How to Disqualify Bad Prospects with Professional Website Design (Web Class)

Many local business owners vastly underestimate the impact their website can have on their sales. This course will help you learn simple, practical website best practices that have proven results in the green industry to help make the phone ring and drive foot traffic.

Workshop + Training Videos – The Mini Website Audit + Green Industry Website Content

  1. The Mini Website Audit + Green Industry Website Checklist


Class 3: How to Get FOUND Online by Your Perfect Customers with Local SEO 

Want to get found by new customers searching on Google for “garden centers near me”? Want to rank on the first page of Google?  Learn essential Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics to grow your sales from the 79% of consumers who search on Google for Home and Garden businesses.

Workshop + Training Videos – How to Optimize Google My Business Listing Checklist

  1. How To Optimize Google My Business Listing Checklist
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