Plant Materials


Find ideas on how to create inspiration in your landscape projects by adding colors of both annuals and perennials and also get in depth knowledge on growth habits of trees, shrubs, vines and groundcovers, interior plants, turfgrass and more.



Trees and Shrubs
This chapter discusses the uses of trees and shrubs in the landscape, basic growth habits of trees and shrubs, planting methods, maintenance and care of newly planted and mature trees, protection during construction, and handling damaged trees.

Vines and Groundcovers
Groundcover is the name given to a group of plants which perform a variety of functions in the landscape.

Landscape Color
Landscape color is provided by bedding plants (annuals and perennials), flowering bulbs, roses, and flowering shrubs and trees.

The lawn is one of the most prominent features in the home landscape and is usually the first improvement a homeowner plans upon completion of a new home.

Interior Plants
Indoor plants lend gentle touches to an indoor environment.

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